About the Course

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management (LSCM) course focuses on imparting basic and intermediate level of conceptual knowledge with a view to familiarize the learner with:-

a) the immense significance of logistics as well as supply chain across industries and one's daily life.

b) various aspects related to numerous processes involved in buying & selling across international borders.

c) various kinds of documentary prerequisites before, during and post completion of operations.

d) different transportation modes and vagaries involved with each.

e) specific roles & limitations of entities involved like buyer, seller, transporter, carry forward agent, bank, shipping authorities, facilitating institutions, the government, etc.

f) multifarious strategies that are used for optimizing logistics as well as supply chain

In addition to theoretical teaching, the learner is exposed to numerous real-world case studies, best practices and contemporary challenges basis the evolving geo-political and economic scenarios globally. This is typically a 01 month long course covering about 56 hours of classroom teaching delivered online (each class of approx. 03 hours duration).

JGI Dials-in GI For Student Knowledge Empowerment!

37 post-graduate level students chosen by Jain Deemed-To-Be-University, Bengaluru, were imparted with very valuable and real world insights into both theory as well as practice of core LSCM topics like Logistics, Warehousing, Network Optimization and Transportation. Further, recognizing the relevance of Business Communication and Managerial Leadership, GI added these additional topics in this curricula, providing a very high level of value-add to the course for the aspiring students.

Some of the experiences of the esteemed prosumers of this course...

This certification course [PGLSCM] from Avaan® Intellect Systems Ltd. has provided me with a brilliant foundation to further my career & has instilled confidence in me in the area of logistics and business management. I had the privilege and honour to have meaningful knowledge instructions as well as innumerable industry insights that covered both the basics as well as additional topics, which were taught with great patience, clarity and determination. There was additionally, a truly useful course on "Leadership" which I found that the instructor was teaching with a very unique approach, giving me an ocean of managerial aspects to utilize appropriately. Overall, the course has been an excellent value addition to my MBA program and I wholeheartedly thank the entire team of Avaan® Intellect for providing practical insights into a rather very complex subject in a very meaningful way.          
Nimeesha Ashok [MBA Logistics & Supply Chain Management, Semester II, Batch of 2021-2023 & Distinction Holder in Avaan® Intellect's month-long PGLSCM course], JAIN Deemed-To-Be-University, Bengaluru

Kudos to my college for having accepted this course from real experts like Avaan® Intellect (GI) as it helped me truly sharpen my erstwhile amateurish awareness about logistics as a business. The value I accrued over this long, intense course cannot be related to even a RoI per se because each one of us got a hell lot more than we could ever imagine, in terms of richness of the courseware and reference reads in addition to a truly professional-level teaching methodology. Eof it all, I realized that this industry badly needs such expert hand-holding and knowledge sharing.          
Bharatish. S [MBA - LSCM, CMS B School , 2nd sem 2021-2023], JAIN Deemed-To-Be-University, Bengaluru

I am interested in Logistics & Supply Chain Management (LSCM). I was exposed to the expertise of the faculty at Avaan® Intellect to enhance the knowledge. I was exposed to FOUR very different faculty personalities with distinct subject expertise... Yet, they all had one thing in common - an encyclopaedia of knowledge, rich industry experience, coupled with just the right pedagogy. I am thankful to both my college and GI for actually leading me a few meaningful steps closer to my career cross roads because it seems to be having just the perfect direction sign board - LSCM, of course!          
Amoghvarsh S. [LSCM 2021-23], JAIN Deemed-To-Be-University, Bengaluru