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Gati Intellect Systems Ltd, Hyderabad is a start-up e-Learning organization, part of Avaan India group. We have a dedicated and passionate team of Logistics & Supply Chain professionals with decades of experience in India and abroad. Our endeavor is to bring a radical transformation of Logistics and Supply Chain domain through experiential learning along with soft skills and communication. We at Gati Intellect, have therefore, taken up the mission of providing basic and specialized training in Logistics and Supply Chain domains to assist :

Fresh Graduates in acquiring employment.
Working Executives in upskilling knowledge.
Professional Graduates, MBA students in understanding the importance and career prospects.
Armed Forces veterans in sharpening their skills for career placements in the corporate sector.
University and college students to gainfully utilize the experiential knowledge of industry veterans

We strive to achieve the above mission through e-Learning, Knowledge Outsourcing and Staffing Solutions.

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