About Service

We propose strategic partnership with Universities/Colleges as a knowledge partner with a focus to provide education, skill-based training within the area of Logistics, Supply Chain and Leadership management.


Student Education

  • Create awareness and generate interest amongst the students with an aim to make them opt for Logistics and Supply Chain Management (LSCM) as a career option.
  • Provide value addition courses such as Capstone courses, Seminars & Workshops, etc.; to enhance the employability quotient of the students.
  • Develop interpersonal, team building skills and leadership qualities in students through Indian ethos based on Vedic science.
  • Promote professional membership amongst students in international associations related to Logistics, Supply Chain Management and related fields, so that they can use the knowledge gained in research activities in their careers.
  • Bring in the best practices around the world in Logistics, Supply Chain Management & Transport industry and to be the gateway for knowledge transmission through University/ Gati web portals.

Faculty Development Programs

  • Assist faculties in imparting training as per the prevailing industrial requirement in Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Leadership & other related subjects.
  • Jointly undertake online educational initiatives.
  • Promote excellence in teaching in experiential learning and encourage the application of innovative teaching and learning methodologies within Logistics and Supply Chain Management. (Outcome based education, quality audits, and study skills for UG Level, etc.)
  • Evolve assessment methods for evaluation of participant’s learnings from the programs offered.

Curriculum Design

  • Provide valuable inputs in teaching/ training methodology and suitable customization of the curriculum of Logistics and Supply Chain Management(LSCM), Leadership & related subjects, so that the students can fit into the industrial scenario meaningfully.
  • Input industry needs into joint curriculum design based on vast industry learning curve of Gati Intellect and its group of companies.

Accreditation of Logistics and Supply Chain Management(LSCM) Curriculum

  • Assist in obtaining international accreditation to the Logistics and Supply Chain Management(LSCM) courses after necessary documentation and payment of relevant fees. On successful accreditation, facilitating award of Post Graduate Diploma Certification to students after due processes.
  • Liaison with Logistics Sector Skill Council for getting courses accredited for award of joint certification, wherever feasible.

Guest Lectures /Management Development Programs for Industries

Conduct corporate in-house, public training or short duration certificate/ diploma courses online in conjunction with University/College, faculty members.


Veterans with field Logistics operational background of various industries bringing the component of the experiential learning on to the table.

Mentored by the founders of Gati India; Pioneers in Express Distribution & Supply Chain Solutions.

Zeal and enthusiasm to pass on the decades of operational experience to the newer generations to align the processes more realistically.

Why Us?

Practical Approach and Job Oriented Training.

Virtual Mentorship and Guidance.

On-line Certification with Job Placement Assistance.

Assistance in Suggesting and Providing Professional Intervention to the Colleges/Universities.

Providing Industrial Partners for Internships and Mentoring Students during their Intern Phases.