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We provide Academic Outsourcing Service to Universities and Institutions in the field of Logistics, Supply Chain Management & related subjects. It is our endeavor to change the education landscape in India through experiential learning and skill development with the use of technology as our enabler. Our focus is on collaboration with Colleges and Universities through skill-based training, education, seminars, and research within the area of Logistic and Supply Chain Management for in-house and other business associates or third parties. We specialize in the following:

Curriculum Design
  • We give valuable inputs to Colleges/Universities in teaching/ training methodology and suitable customization of the curriculum of LSCM & related subjects, so that the students can fit into the industrial scenario meaningfully.
  • Gati Intellect and group of companies have vast industry learning curve which will be in the forefront to identify industry need and input into joint curriculum design.
Research and Development.
  • We undertake joint research activities including but not restricted to the field of Logistics capacity building to strengthen industry institute partnership in the areas of research and consultancy.
Faculty Development Programs
  • We will assist the faculties of Colleges/Universities for imparting training as per the prevailing industrial requirement in Logistics, Supply Chain Management & other related subjects.
  • Will endeavor to promote excellence in teaching, in experiential learning and encourage the application of innovative teaching and learning methodologies within Logistics and Supply Chain Management.
  • Evolve assessment methods for evaluation of participant’s learnings from the programs offered.
Guest Lectures /Management Development Programs for Industries
  • Corporate in-house, public training or short duration certificate/ diploma courses can be conducted online in conjunction with faculty members.
International Accreditation of LSCM Curriculum
  • Can assist in obtaining international accreditation from accreditation / awarding body by payment of relevant fees and submission of appropriate documents as per Higher Education Framework.
  • Once suggested curriculum is accredited by the international institution, then final Post Graduate Diploma Certification will also be provided to respective students, upon payment of fees by the students.
Knowledge Sharing
  • The aim is to promote professional membership among students in international associations related to Logistics, Supply Chain Management, and related fields, so that they can use the knowledge gained in research activities and in their career.
  • To bring in the best practices around the world in Logistics, Supply Chain Management & transport industry and to be the gateway for knowledge transmission through partner/Gati Intellect web portals.
Logistics Sector Skill Council
  • Wherever feasible, Gati Intellect will liaise with Logistics Sector Skill Council for getting courses accredited for award of joint certification.

Gati Intellect’s vision in the proposed collaboration with colleges/universities is to demonstrate “how value supplements can augment actual learning” and to enhance the employability, unblemished standards of students and the community at large, by bringing in professional accredited courses at affordable cost and to be the gateway for knowledge dissemination for Logistics & SCM Industry.