Chapter End Assessments
  • The e-Learning courses have chapter wise self-assessment exercise containing multiple choice questions to measure learning outcomes of individual Modules.
  • It is mandatory to attempt all questions to progress to the next chapter.
  • Performance in the assessment will be shown immediately after completion of assessment even though it is not graded for the final certification
  • The correct answers will be available immediately after completion of the assessment.
Final Assessment
  • To measure the level of assimilation of the content and learning outcome of the complete course.
  • Mandatory for award of certification.
  • Pass percentage is 60.
  • Total of 50 multiple choice questions within the duration of 125 minutes or 2 hours + 5 minutes as settling time.
  • Only TWO free attempts permissible. Every additional attempt beyond the initial two attempts would be charged a fee of Rs 500/- per attempt.
  • Only performance score will be displayed, and the correct answers will not be displayed.
Certification Policy
  • Certificate is issued by Gati Intellect only to students who meet the following criteria:
    • On uploading (anytime during the Course) of Graduation/ Second Year Graduation Mark sheet/ Letter of undergoing final year graduation from College Authorities.
    • Successful validation of above certificates by the Coordinator.
    • Attaining at least 60% in the final assessment.
  • Soft copy of the certificate will be mailed to the students on their emails registered during login process. No hardcopy will be provided.

Placement Policy

  • Only Graduates.
  • Certified on current course through Gati Intellect e-learning module.
  • Student to register for placements any time within 90 days of start of course.
  • Gati Staffing Solutions would establish contact with eligible students after above certification for obtaining necessary inputs wrt educational qualifications, choice of locations for placements, CV details, counselling and preparation for interviews.
  • Facilitate maximum of two interviews with suitable employers. Enhancement of number of interviews is subjected to the merits of each case.
Refund Policy

As Per Gati Intellects Refunds Policy, once the subscription has been paid for, no refunds are permitted. Transfer of subscription to other students or change of courses once paid for are also not permitted.

Short Description of WMS course

WMS course is designed to associate you with the basic processes of Warehouse Operations, latest technology utilized in Warehouses along with familiarizing you with the role & activities expected from various operatives in a Warehouse

E-Learning and Assessment Process

Gati Intellects recommends the following process for enhanced learning value of self-paced e-Learning courses:

  • Earmark a specific day and slot every week for attempting the modules. Ideally 2-3 hours a week (for 12 weeks) is adequate for the students to complete the courses successfully.
  • Modules have been designed to allow the students to complete one module within 2-3 hours at a time.
  • As a practice, first read through the chapter, then watch the Videos and finally attempt the Chapter End Assessments in the LMS.
  • Your progress on each event is shown on the right side of the screen.
  • The learning has been designed to ensure that the progress between each chapter is sequential from first to last and all the three events (study material, videos, and assessments) have to be completed for progressing to the next module. Suggested duration is given alongside each event.
  • Videos have mixed slides with /without audio, therefore use headphones while watching for better experience.
  • The videos have navigation buttons at the bottom to pause, stop, forward or go back.
  • Some slides in the videos have interactive facility too, wherein the student has to click to know more about the topic. These instructions are given in the videos appropriately.
  • All Chapter End questions are to be attempted for progressing to the next Module.
  • Chapter End Assessment questions will assist the student in preparing for the final assessment.
Definition of Critical/Severe/Normal Support Tickets

Following activities define the level of response needed for the issues raised by the students through support tickets/emails. (Working hours are from 0900 -1700h on Monday to Friday except declared holidays)

Critical. (Response Time: 8 Working Hours)
  • Inability to login to or access LMS (Technical Issues)
  • Issues related to the final assessment test.
  • Any issue within the last 48 hours of final Logout/Termination. (90 days)
Severe. (Response Time: 24 working hours)
  • Process/procedure related issues of courses.
  • Queries/doubts related to chapter end assessments.
  • Issues related general administration of LMS and learning environment.
  • Any issue within the last one week of final Logout/Termination. (90 days)
Normal. (Response Time: 48 working hours)
  • Queries related to comprehension of the content
  • Professional doubts/clarifications
  • Other general aspects.