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Gati Intellect is the staffing solutions company which caters to the need of skilled workforce within the Logistics, Warehousing, Healthcare and Retail sectors. Gati Intellect has the following verticals

In the workforce of today, skilled workers are a necessity. Put simply, any business which values productivity, efficiency, quality workmanship, loyalty and a harmonious workplace should be investing in their employees by providing access to further training, education and new opportunities to expand their skill-set and move up the ranks. In doing so, you will be investing in the success of your business whilst enjoying a positive working relationship with your staff.

Placement Services


In today’s job market, employers are looking for multi tasking abilities and additional knowledge apart from that is gained to formal education. Additional skills are very critical in order to grab a good job in this highly competitive world. Employers today look at what is that value addition you bring on to the interview table. They are looking at candidates who outgrow competition. Inspite of having best academic score in formal education, students seldom get good opportunities as freshers. The mindset of companies today is to recruit candidates who are job ready and give results from the day one of joining. Induction of new recruits is sparingly undertaken by companies today.

This is the kind of a vaccum which Gati Intellect is trying to address in the gamut of services offered to the job aspirants. Our E Learning courses and Self paced courses offer you modules which are conceived taking into account the generic job specific skills, latest industry practises and current technologies or processes.

Courses offered are not only for freshers, working people who are aspiring to advance in their careers are also benefited from these programs. These modules are conceived and developed by Industry veterans and experts keeping in mind the changing trends across the globe.

Staffing Services

Our Mission is to provide customized staffing solutions to Logistics, Healthcare and Automobile sectors which enable our clients to stay focussed on what they do the best: focussing on their core business area to achieve edge and success in their businesses.

Gati Intellect has a experienced team with diverse experience across these sectors and are responsible to search and screen candidates from all over the country. The candidates are selected with a robust industry specific and job role specific screening process there by creating skilled workforce asset for our clients.